Bình minh trên bãi biển Nha Trang


Photos taken by Petalia, used with permission




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  1. motngayobien

    07/23/2009, 12:47 am

    Phai noi la bo anh tuyet voi. Minh cung chup duoc may cai anh tai Nha Trang trong do co may cai rat giong anh ma ban da chup (anh so 1, so 6 va 7). Co le ban cung da o Nha Trang trong khoang 15-19/6. Rat vui vi vo tinh bat gap cam giac quen thuoc.

  2. meno

    12/13/2009, 01:40 pm

    the photos are very beautiful the are so inspiring to me i liked them alot , wish to be sitting there alone , thinking away from the stressful aspects of life!!!!!!

  3. meno

    12/13/2009, 01:42 pm

    i liked the photos so much, they i nspired me, i wish if i was there , thinking alone away from all the stessful aspects of life!!!!!

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