Optical Illusions

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Up or down?




What do you see?



Musician or a woman?



Hermann-Grid effect. Can you count black dots?




These lines are completely parallel



A lady, old man and a old woman


See the text? ;)


3 D Illusions










How many????

(faces, animals…)

How many legs?


How many fox?



Can you find 13 faces?

and people?


Find out 9 people!



The same man


Both circles in the center are equal!


These pictures move?











Focus on the plus sing in the center. What did you see?

Note: Some of these images are copyrighted by Akiyoshi Kitaoka


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  1. minhtruc

    10/19/2008, 06:09 am

    it’d better to post the trick on how to see/ find the answer.

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